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Maintenance Strategies


Bed Maintenance: Should HTM Do It?

Disagreement often ensues when the subject of bed maintenance by biomeds arises, reveals biomedical expert Patrick Lynch. In May's The LynchPin column, Lynch lays out both arguments regarding HTM professionals handling bed maintenance and shares his personal opinions about the matter. Don't miss out.

Alternative Equipment Maintenance


Viewpoint: Welcome to the Encore

In this article, HTM veteran Rick Schrenker reflects on a previous article he wrote for 24x7 Magazine and shares why the COVID-19 pandemic may shape the industry for years to come.

Power Management


Delivering Critical Patient Care amid Unexpected Outages

Natural disasters have always threatened healthcare facilities with unexpected outages, but the growing frequency of such events has put a new spotlight on power management infrastructure. Fortunately, technologies have emerged to help guard healthcare facilities and drive continuous patient care.