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Maintenance Strategies


Bed Maintenance: Should HTM Do It?

Disagreement often ensues when the subject of bed maintenance by biomeds arises, reveals biomedical expert Patrick Lynch. In May's The LynchPin column, Lynch lays out both arguments regarding HTM professionals handling bed maintenance and shares his personal opinions about the matter. Don't miss out.

Preventive Maintenance


Semi-Disposable Duodenoscopes Could Reduce Infections, Says GlobalData

Due to the high infection rate associated with reusable duodenoscopes, the U.S. FDA has been putting pressure on duodenoscope manufacturers to change their designs, and the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has been working to speed up Medicare beneficiaries’ access to single-use devices.

Power Management


Why Is My Medical Equipment Failing?

If you are experiencing constant failures in medical equipment, the problem may not be with the equipment itself. It might be your electricity. Medical technology is susceptible to power quality issues, and healthcare facilities have complex, variable power draws that can lead to power quality problems.