Breas Medical USA announced the release and immediate availability of the Xpac by Breas extended life battery for ventilators.

The Xpac enhances ventilator dependent patient mobility with boost of battery life of the Breas Vivo 50 and Vivo 65 by 12 hours and the Vivo 45 LS by 18 hours. With Xpac, the ultra-compact and lightweight Vivo 45 LS can now run 25.5 hours off the grid. 

“Breas is thrilled to provide the Xpac to the ventilator dependent community as a means to enhance quality of life by elimination of the worry of ventilator operation when away from power outlets for extended periods of time, improving the quality of life and ambulatory requirements for the patients we serve,” says Chris Southerland, general manager, Breas Americas. 

The Xpac consists of two high powered lithium-ion batteries which can be easily removed and replaced by the user. It’s intuitive LED display shows the health of each battery, so you know when it is time to charge them. In addition, Xpac’s batteries only take four hours to charge to full capacity.

Breas is headquartered in Sweden and has subsidiaries in the U.K., Germany, Spain, U.S., and China. Together with a network of highly specialized distributors, the company serves over 40 countries worldwide. The Breas brands Vivo, Nippy, Clearway ,and Z1 are recognized for their performance, ease of use, and intuitive design.