Amid ongoing cyberattacks at medical organizations across the nation, one healthcare center in Nebraska managed to avoid a cybersecurity breach with the help of the FBI.

In an announcement made at the FBI’s Omaha field office, FBI Director Christoper Wray said Wednesday that the feds had stopped a cyberattack in Nebraska.

The bad actors had targeted six different co-ops within the Omaha FBI jurisdiction, which includes Iowa, a number of times in the last year, he said. Those attacks had the potential to create major damage to Nebraska’s biggest businesses, disrupting the food supply from farm to table.

There were tense moments a month ago at the Butler County Health Care Center in David City, Neb. The IT director received a call from the Omaha FBI with a warning that this place was the target of a cyberattack. Cynthia Neesen took the call and headed to the server room.

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