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Medical Mission Trips 101

As a biomed, bringing your talent to a developing world hospital that is struggling for sound medical equipment can be an intensely satisfying experience. For those who are thinking about making a medical mission trip to the developing world for the first time, partnering with an organization that can help prepare supplies and contacts is key to a successful experience.

Infusion Therapy


Ivenix Announces Smart Pump Interoperability with Epic

Boston-based infusion pump company Ivenix announces that it now features smart pump interoperability with Epic—a move, company officials say, that advances patient outcomes, clinical quality, and operational efficiency in infusion delivery.



Researchers 3D Print Lifelike Heart Valve Models

Researchers from the University of Minnesota, with support from Medtronic, have developed a groundbreaking process for multi-material 3D printing of lifelike models of the heart's aortic valve and the surrounding structures that mimic the exact look and feel of a real patient.