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Preventive Maintenance


MITA Expands Service Standard to Cover All Medical Devices

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) announced that it is expanding the scope of the NEMA American National Standard for Servicing of Medical Imaging Devices to cover all medical devices, not just medical imaging technologies. MITA officials say this decision—which is likely to be met with criticism from many in the medical device sector—“comes after the consideration of extensive stakeholder feedback indicating a desire for one, universal standard for the medical device industry.”



Healthcare Professionals Too Confident in Security of Connected Medical Devices

Mountain View, Calif.-based Zingbox has released the findings of its second annual Healthcare Security Survey. The survey revealed a contradiction between the confidence that healthcare professionals have in the visibility of connected medical devices and security of their networks, and the inefficient legacy processes many still rely on to keep them secure.

OEM Compliance


MITA Unveils Its Servicing Standard for Medical Imaging Equipment

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has announced the publication of NEMA/MITA 2—Requirements for Servicing of Medical Imaging Equipment, a voluntary standard outlining MITA’s minimum quality management system requirements for medical imaging device servicing.

Patient Safety


HTM’s Role in Investigating—and Thwarting—Device Incidents

A medical device could cause patient harm for numerous reasons. Say, for instance, a defibrillator fails to deliver enough of a life-saving bolt of electricity—or simply no electricity at all. Here, 24x7 Magazine explores the important role HTM professionals have when the unthinkable happens and a device malfunctions.