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Alternative Equipment Maintenance


How to Prepare for a Hospital Survey

In this 24x7 exclusive, Rich Sable, CBET, product manager at computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provider EQ2, LLC, shares tried-and-true strategies for hospital survey preparedness and how to use CMMS technologies to manage regulations and improve survey outcomes.

Prevailing Attitudes Maintenance


This Is My Confession

Massachusetts General Hospital Systems Engineering Manager Rick Schrenker has a confession to make: He had a hidden agenda in an article he wrote for 24x7 Magazine over 10 years ago. And he hasn’t written about it until now.

Maintenance Costs


Accruent Introduces Data Insights to Healthcare Sector

Austin-based Accruent has launched its Data Insights solution to the healthcare market—a tool that can provide objective equipment performance and reliability data for thousands of equipment models, company officials say.