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Imaging Equipment


Medical Mission Trips 101

As a biomed, bringing your talent to a developing world hospital that is struggling for sound medical equipment can be an intensely satisfying experience. For those who are thinking about making a medical mission trip to the developing world for the first time, partnering with an organization that can help prepare supplies and contacts is key to a successful experience.



Roundtable: Innovations in Mammography Equipment

Here, 24x7 Magazine sits down with three experts to discuss what’s new in mammography equipment and what HTM professionals should know about handling these delicate—and potentially lifesaving—devices.

Nuclear Medicine


New PET Tracer Can Identify Bacterial Infections

The results of this pre-clinical study demonstrate that 6″-18F-fluoromaltotriose is a promising new tracer for diagnosing most bacterial infections and has the potential to change the clinical management of patients suffering from infectious diseases of bacterial origin.

Imaging Parts


Agiliti Acquires Zetta Medical Technologies

Minneapolis-based Agiliti, a national provider of healthcare technology management and service solutions, announces that it has acquired Zetta Medical Technologies, LLC, a provider of medical imaging equipment services and parts, based in Lake Zurich, Ill.