When a medical imaging system needs a new part, getting a replacement quickly is an urgent matter for any healthcare organization. To support the needs of the customer, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. has introduced Medical Marketplace, an online store for medical imaging parts. The platform enables customers to find original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts at reduced prices, maximizes efficiency through 24/7 access, and supports a continuous workflow.

Medical Marketplace streamlines the procurement process. The platform offers a wide range of inventory for all imaging modalities in one place, providing OEM parts backed by Canon’s OEM parts warranty. And it’s easy to use: Instead of dependence on the availability of a parts specialist, customers can browse the parts inventory anytime, day or night. With 40 parts depots across the U.S., parts shipping is expeditious and includes same-day delivery options.

In addition, the new platform offers a unique opportunity to reduce costs. Orders placed online are entitled to 15% savings off the list price, which can make a difference for organizations where replacement parts signify a big portion of their budget.

“Medical Marketplace is yet another example of how Canon continues to evolve and innovate to better serve a range of customers,” says Dominic Smith, vice president, service field and sales. “With the launch of the platform, customers can tailor an approach that works best for them: They can choose the digital route and place their orders online, access Canon’s parts department for questions, or continue to order parts through telephone or email.

“Our service team is still readily available to assist customers with additional support if needed,” Smith adds. “So, give it a try and see how easy Medical Marketplace is to use.”