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The Great Wait: Will the FDA Increase Service Regulations or Not?

Since March 2015, the FDA has been collecting information and receiving factual and anecdotal comments concerning whether there is a public health and safety issue that warrants increased regulation and oversight of medical device companies and individuals. This issue culminated in October’s two-day workshop of presentations to the FDA, which biomedical expert Patrick Lynch details in the latest installment of The LynchPin.

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Inside the Groundbreaking ‘Right to Repair’ Bill

Thursday, August 6, may go down as a monumental day in the Right to Repair movement: Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Yvette D. Clark introduced legislation into Congress that would eliminate hospitals’ roadblocks for repairing medical equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. 24x7 editor Keri Forsythe-Stephens shares more about why this was so significant.