MinXray, a manufacturer and provider of portable digital radiology equipment, has delivered the last of 70 CMDR Portable Digital X-ray Systems to Ukraine.

The units were delivered in five shipments, with the final 10 arriving in December of 2023, and will be deployed around the country to bring much needed diagnostic services. According to the U.N., as of November 2023, over 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed as a result of the nearly 2-year conflict with Russia, with more than 18,500 injured and millions displaced from their homes.

“Healthcare access in Ukraine has never been more important, but it has also never been more challenging,” said Jeanne Walter, MinXray vice president of marketing and sales. “MinXray is proud to be part of the international effort to improve conditions for those affected by the conflict by supplying diagnostic imaging equipment that can be operated anywhere, regardless of available space or healthcare facilities.”

The CMDR System is a complete portable digital radiography system. It is built for convenience and ease of use, with a powerful portable x-ray unit, Cesium digital detector and system laptop with imaging software all mounted on a rugged, two-wheel stand.

Setup of the system takes less than a minute, according to MinXray. Images can be obtained in less than 10 seconds and can be viewed on the system laptop or sent directly from the system to a radiologist anywhere in the world. The CMDR system is also available with AI image interpretation software if desired.