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Bone Densitometer Devices Market to Grow at 3.5% CAGR

A recent study from Future Market Insights predicts the global bone densitometer devices market to witness a hike in revenues at a passive compound annual growth rate of 3.5% over the next decade. The company forecasts that the market for bone densitometer devices will be valued at $390.6 million, up from its current value of $277 million, by the end of 2026.

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ECRI Raises Concerns About Consumer-Use Baby Monitors

It sounds simple and harmless—an electronic sensor attached to a baby’s sock that monitors vital signs and alerts parents on their smart phones if, for instance, an infant’s oxygen saturation level drops. But pediatric experts and ECRI Institute personnel argue that such devices may cause undue alarm to parents. Here’s what HTM professionals need to know.

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Indiana Hospital Installs Carestream X-Ray Technology

As part of an expansion that saw the doubling of its emergency department, Ind.-based Columbus Regional Health has installed a Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus system. The new imaging system has a wall stand on a rail with a fixed detector while a wireless DRX Plus 3543 detector is used in the table and for tabletop exams.

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Ontario Facility Installs Carestream Mobile X-ray

Oshawa, Ontario-based Lakeridge Health recently installed three Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray systems. These systems will enable staff to capture digital radiography (DR) exams in inpatient settings, in addition to the emergency department and in intensive care. Images of the chest, abdomen, and extremities can be captured using these platforms.

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