With nearly one-third of working Americans facing healthcare debt, the thought of an unexpected medical bill can cause anxiety in many people. But few—if any—would take the approach that William Osman recently did.

The YouTuber and engineer, who is known for his bizarre projects that combine engineering and entertainment, posted a video last week outlining how a recent hospital visit requiring X-rays resulted in a staggering $69,210.32 bill.

He explains that, thanks to his health insurance policy, he will only have to pay roughly $2,500, and that, when combined with annual insurance costs, the total will be around $8,500. In a comedic sequence, he laments, “I’m a slave to medical debt now. I have to sell all my things, I have to sell my friends’ belongings.” Then, he embarks on an extremely reckless and risky endeavor to build his own fully functional X-ray machine for less than the cost of his actual medical expenses.

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