Summary: TRIMEDX was named a finalist in the 2024 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards by the Inspiring Workplaces Group, highlighting their commitment to service excellence and impactful patient care through a PeopleFirst culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognition of Excellence: TRIMEDX’s finalist status underscores their achievements in creating a supportive and engaging work environment.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: The awards evaluated entrants on culture, leadership, wellbeing, inclusion, employee voice, and experience, emphasizing holistic organizational development.

TRIMEDX was recently named a finalist by the Inspiring Workplaces Group in the 2024 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards.

Inspiring Workplaces Awards Requirements

For the 2024 Inspiring Workplaces Awards, each organization was asked to complete the entry form consisting of six key elements. These elements are fundamental to creating a PeopleFirst culture and by extension an Inspiring Workplace. They are:

  • Culture and purpose
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Employee voice
  • Employee experience

Organizations of all sizes and industries entered a category defined by how many people are within the business. Independent judges selected the finalists after reviewing applications.

“As a Top 100 finalist, this honor speaks volumes about the work we do each day to deliver service excellence, innovate, make a difference, and ultimately impact patient care,” said Dawn Griffin, TRIMEDX chief human resources and diversity officer . “Through those efforts, we continue to strive to optimally engage our associates across the country through various opportunities, benefits, trainings, and programs we offer to help enrich and advance their careers and lives at TRIMEDX.”

Finalist Honors

TRIMEDX will be honored as a Top 100 finalist at a reception in June 2024 in Chicago. Winners and rankings will be announced at this time (overall, by business size, along with other possible special recognitions).

“The caliber of submissions this year has been truly remarkable. We are about to celebrate our 10th year anniversary, and it’s been an amazing journey seeing how organizations are transforming their workplaces to become truly PeopleFirst,” said Matt Manners, founder, The Inspiring Workplaces Group. “We are eagerly looking forward to honoring and commending the organizations that have distinguished themselves as Inspiring Workplaces.”