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Adding Value: Why Technicians Make Better Managers

Requiring that in-house maintenance departments be managed by degreed clinical engineers may have made sense in the past, but today priority should be given to technicians who have demonstrated technical competence at the front-line levels.

TriMedx Names Richard Schneider Chief Operating Officer

Richard Schneider has taken over as chief operating officer of TriMedx, where he will focus on the medical equipment management company’s overall operations, including customer and employee relationships. Schneider brings to the role more than 20 years of experience in operations, strategy, account management, business development, and finance/risk management.

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It’s Not Too Late for Biomeds to Embrace Reliability-centered Maintenance

The healthcare technology management field may have lagged behind other sectors like aviation in adopting reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), but it’s not too late for biomeds to shift their approach to medical equipment management, Malcolm Ridgway said in his AAMI 2016 address. Last October, Ridgway and other AAMI leaders launched the RCM Project, which aimed to “disseminate clear, relevant information” about the maintenance strategy and create a community-wide database.

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Medical Equipment Refurbishment Saves a Buck, and It’s Eco-friendly

A new brochure highlighting the positive impact of medical equipment refurbishment on the economy, the environment, and patients is now available for free download. The publication was prepared by the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA), an international organization representing associations and companies in the diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare IT, electromedical, and radiopharmaceutical spaces.

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