CenTrak has launched a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Multi-Mode Platform for real-time location systems (RTLS), designed to meet the varied needs of healthcare organizations.

This platform offers a hybrid architecture, seamlessly switching between BLE and CenTrak Clinical-Grade Locating (CGL) environments. It allows customers to utilize mixed RTLS infrastructure within a single building or across a hospital campus, balancing cost-effectiveness and precision. Leveraging existing BLE-enabled hospital networks and infrastructure, the integration technology supports the swift adoption of location-based services, including staff duress and asset tracking.

The platform’s main product is CenTrak’s redesigned RTLS badge, which features enhanced durability with an IP67 rating, extended battery life, over-the-air maintenance, and user-friendly features like diagnostic LEDs and an audible buzzer. Each badge includes a dedicated emergency duress button with a recessed design to prevent false alerts, along with two configurable buttons for custom workflows.

“The healthcare industry acknowledges the value of location data and the resulting ROI,” said Crystal Ryan, chief commercial officer at CenTrak. “This recognition has prompted key decision-makers to invest in the transformative benefits that RTLS can deliver. Our groundbreaking BLE Multi-Mode Platform marks a substantial advancement in RTLS technology, solidifying our commitment to improving healthcare delivery with top-tier solutions and thoughtfully driving innovation.”

Joining the ConnectRT suite of software offerings, DuressRT is a cloud-enabled, SaaS solution. DuressRT leverages the architecture from the BLE Multi-Mode Platform to provide enterprise-wide, rapid response to staff duress and life safety events in a healthcare environment. CenTrak’s end-to-end innovations for Staff Duress include:

  • Purpose-built staff badge design and latest BLE technology on the market
  • Real-time acknowledgment from the device when a duress alert has been received
  • Intuitive user interface and design, efficient event/alert management, and incident response reporting
  • Follow feature for real-time location updates of staff in duress on a map view
  • Effortless system implementation and maintenance
  • Centralized software configuration, automatic updates, and reduced server infrastructure via the ConnectRT platform

“Our team proudly delivers yet another pivotal milestone in the company’s relentless pursuit of unprecedented innovation to integrate technology that supports healthcare professionals and further develops the modern connected hospital,” said Andrew Robinson, president and CEO at CenTrak. “With CenTrak, healthcare organizations worldwide can gain access to a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective solution for elevating staff safety and optimizing patient care.”