The new INCU II incubator/radiant warmer analyzer from Fluke Biomedical is designed to easily test and verify the performance and safety of infant incubators, transport incubators, and radiant warmers. The analyzer, which became available worldwide in January 2016, supports IEC standards to accurately assess the environmental parameters of infant incubators and radiant warmers.

According to Fluke, the portable INCU II has an intuitive interface and advanced technologies for accurately testing commonly available incubators and radiant warmers. It comes with a placement pad that helps technicians learn how to correctly place the temperature sensors and pucks. The 3-pound analyzer can simultaneously measure relative humidity, airflow, sound, and six independent temperature points. Color-coded probes are intended to make it easy to switch between the sensors for testing temperature in an incubator or the five pucks for verifying the environment of a radiant warmer.

The anayzer’s large LCD screen displays real-time test results, along with pass/fail indicators. Once an incubator reaches a steady temperature, it is said to take 15 minutes to conduct a sequence of tests, which can be customized and stored in the analyzer. Test data can then be sent either wirelessly or via a USB cable and monitored from a computer.

The analyzer complies with the latest global industry standards, including IEC 60601-2-19 (incubator), IEC 60601-2-20 (transport incubator), and IEC 60601-2-21 (radiant warmer), and also supports China sound standards (Class II). For more information about the INCU II, visit the Fluke Biomedical website.