Farmingdale, N.Y.-based biomedical test-instrument manufacturer Netech announces the launch of its new defibrillator/pacemaker analyzer, the Delta 3300. Recently cleared by the FDA 510(k), the Delta 3300 is a precision instrument for testing and validating the functions of all semi and automated defibrillators. The analyzer measures both monophasic and biphasic waveforms, including external (transcutaneous) pacemakers.
“The Delta 3300 is the smallest and lightest defib analyzer in the market today,” says Wijin Joe, national business development manager for Netech Corp. “This cutting-edge product combines the testing functions of a defibrillator, transcutaneous pacemaker analyzer, and 12-lead ECG/arrhythmia simulator.”

Some test functions of the Delta 3300 include: energy measurement, peak discharge voltage and current, cardioversion measurement, waveform storage and playback, and simulation of 12-lead ECG and arrhythmia waveforms. Additionally, the transcutaneous measurement features of the device include pacer pulse rate, width, amplitude, energy, demand sensitivity, refractory period, and immunity.

Moreover, the Delta 3300 is designed with service personnel in mind, Netech officials say, as it allows for bench-top and on-the-go applications. This device also provides functions for the testing and validation of various types of AEDs. Also, the Delta 3300 features the ability to save and print test data, making it suitable for record-keeping using the software included.

Finally, the Delta 3300 features a large backlit LCD screen and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.