Derriford Hospital, which is part of the United Kingdom-based Plymouth Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Trust, has invested in two Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray units. A 900-bed facility that includes a large trauma department, Derriford Hospital will use the mobile x-ray to care for patients in its 42 wards and across four critical-care units.

Carestream’s mobile x-ray system includes a fully automatic collapsible column and is powered by a wireless DRX detector to provide high-quality images. It also features a long tube-head—a feature that allows clinicians to easily reach patients in crowded rooms. Another key benefit is the system’s two touchscreen displays, which enable prior image review, technique changes, and image acceptance or rejection from either location.

The Revolution units replace a combination of mobile computed radiography and wired digital radiography units at Derriford Hospital. “The Revolution’s Wi-Fi facility enables images to be delivered to medical and surgical teams with no delay, having an immediate and positive impact on the delivery of high-quality patient care,” says Jeanette Snowden, lead radiographer at Derriford Hospital.

For more information about this device, visit Carestream.