Mirion Dosimetry Services announced the commercial availability of the InstadoseVUE wireless dosimeter.

The wearable radiation monitoring device (X-ray badge) is designed to enable users to monitor their individual radiation exposure more quickly, accurately, reliably, and with greater control.

Enhanced Connectivity and Efficiency

According to Mirion, the InstadoseVUE device provides more stable and reliable connectivity, faster dose communication and data transmissions, and increased battery life of up to five years. In addition, a new electronic display enables wearers to see and know much more – via on-screen device status and dose communication insights.

“Launching the InstadoseVUE dosimeter signifies more than just the release of a product; it embodies our vision to redefine radiation safety in workplaces,” said Lou Biacchi, president of Mirion Dosimetry Services. “This innovation is about delivering immediate, precise, and accessible exposure monitoring to the millions relying on our technology for their safety.”

Increased Compliance and Control

The InstadoseVUE wireless dosimeter captures, transmits, measures, analyzes, and reports radiation dose exposure.

With no need to mail badges back and forth every wear period, the InstadoseVUE approach eliminates the time-consuming collection-return-redistribution processing cycle of traditional dosimetry badges.

Key features include:

  • Remote, wireless transmission of dose data in seconds
  • On-demand and automatic calendar-set dose reads
  • Immediate access to dose results online (current and historical)
  • Automated notifications when dose limits are exceeded
  • Online reassignments to ease administration of staff turnover (no need to mail dosimeters back)
  • Daily exposure tracking to pinpoint high dose exposures and anomalies
  • Electronic display screen for expanded user visibility, engagement, and compliance
  • Recyclable and sustainable design to minimize environmental impact during product lifecycle

“The InstadoseVUE wireless dosimeter is not just for radiation workers and medical imaging personnel,” said Bart LeClou, VP of international sales for Mirion Dosimetry Services. “It’s a revolutionary safeguard with the power to reassure individuals working in environments where natural or manufactured radiation is a risk.”