Radcal Corporation, Monrovia, Calif, has announced the first WiFi device for the company’s Accu-Gold line of diagnostic x-ray meters.  Radcal will officially release the new device, named the Gold Nugget, at the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago next month. At the event, Radcal will also release the new Accu-Dose+ ion chamber–based diagnostic meter, designed to replace the company’s legacy dose meters.

According to the company, the Nugget is a “snap-on” enhancement to Accu-Gold meters. The WiFi device is compatible with all past or present Accu-Gold meters without any modifications necessary.

At RSNA, Radcal is also releasing a new Accu-Dose+ diagnostic x-ray meter for dose measurements.  The new digitizer-based device connects directly to any past or present Radcal ion chambers as well as Radcal Dose Diodes for individual or simultaneous measurements.  Measurements of dose, dose rate, exposure time, pulse count, dose/pulse, pulse frequency, and dose rate waveforms are shown after each exposure.

For more information about the new products, visit the Radcal website.