Capel Surgical Clinic & Vascular Center in Greenwood, Miss., has selected the Ultimax-i FPD multipurpose system from Toshiba Medical, Tustin, Calif., for interventional procedures, diagnostic angiograms, and aortagrams.

“The Ultimax-i FPD allows us to perform complex procedures, including angioplasty, stunting, and atherectomy, which is a cost-effective, faster, and minimally invasive endovascular treatment for removing atherosclerosis from arteries that can prevent amputation of a patient’s leg,” says Christopher Capel, MD, vascular surgeon at Capel Surgical Clinic & Vascular Center. “We avoided hefty construction costs when installing the system because of its small footprint, and it improved our competitive advantage and increased patient referrals while we expanded our services.”

Another important factor the clinic considered was radiation exposure. According to Capel, the clinic is “confident that the Ultimax-i FPD’s dose management tools are making every exam safe and efficient.”

The system expands the clinical capabilities of limited radiography and fluoroscopy (R&F) room space with a compact tilting C-arm multipurpose system. It has a small footprint that installs adjacent to back walls to provide extended space for the operator. This improves patient access and allows for more complex procedures by providing routine angiography lab capabilities within an R&F room. Enabling clinicians to image, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients, the multipurpose system can accommodate up to 500 pounds with a wide, high-capacity table to image patients comfortably. The system features full-spectrum detection on a flat panel detector with corner-to-corner, 43 cm x 43 cm coverage for high-resolution imaging.

“We understand the needs of healthcare providers like Capel Surgical Clinic & Vascular Center, and the Ultimax-i FPD has allowed them to expand patient care and simplify complex procedures,” says Satrajit Misra, vice president of marketing and strategic development at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “By putting customers first, Toshiba Medical has designed the Ultimax-i FPD to offer healthcare providers the right technology for their specific patient population.”