At the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, which took place last week in Chicago, Wayne, N.J.-based Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. showcased upgrades to its AeroRemote platform. With AeroRemote Insights, managers can evaluate system performance by reviewing digital radiography (DR) panel impact events, among other activities.

Specifically, AeroRemote Insights includes Live Notifications that alert managers and support staff when a DR panel has been accidentally bumped or dropped. At the same time, the actual AeroDR panel user is prompted to run a 30-second diagnostic check to ensure the DR panel is functioning. Results are emailed to all parties, including the Konica Minolta Customer Care Center, so they can respond accordingly.

Leveraging Internet of Things technology in this way alerts users of potentially catastrophic events, but also encourages more careful handling of these expensive components, Konica Minolta officials say.

“With AeroRemote Insights, we continue to help customers proactively monitor our systems and support our service teams in gathering data, predicting appropriate responses, and solving common issues,” says Kevin Chlopecki, vice president of service operations.

Aero Remote

24×7 Magazine got an exclusive—and live—look at AeroRemote Insights at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Managers can also analyze department, system, or technologist performance from any AeroDR device by reviewing details such as image reject rates and reasons, dose indices, and exam counts. This data is by date or exam type, helping managers pinpoint where improvements can be made.

“AeroRemote Insights represents Konica Minolta’s continuing investment in developing advanced data analytics, deployed through the Internet of Things, by refining analytic tools that increase the value of conventional hardware and software solutions,” says Steven Eisner, senior product manager at Konica Minolta.