Battery Load and Service Tool

Holden Battery Service LLC, Bristol, Va, offers 40 years of x-ray experience with all major OEMs. The company sells sealed lead acid batteries for all manufacturers’ portable x-ray units. It also sells batteries for C-arms and GE Uroview units, as well as UPS backup systems and other applications in the health care space. The company’s latest product, the HBS-BLAST battery load and service tool, replaces the GE 46-302882G1 battery load fixture for AMX-4 units. The tool provides discharging for AMX-4 batteries to 113V for unit calibration. It can also be used for testing batteries in sets of up to nine and general battery testing under a 1,200-watt load. It also functions as a 120V, 1200-watt load and discharge tester. The HBS-BLAST offers a built-in circuit board with fan and timer, as well as a built-in DC meter and DC ammeter.

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Digital Oscilloscope

Rigol Technologies Inc, Oakwood Village, Ohio, now offers the DS2000 series digital oscilloscope. With bandwidths up to 200 MHz and a wide vertical range of 500uV/div to 10V/div, the DS2000 provides a low noise floor suited for capturing smaller signals. The DS2000 series digital oscilloscope includes two channels; bandwidth options of 70 MHz, 100 MHz, or 200 MHz; 2 GSa/s max sample rate; and standard memory depth of up to 14 Mpts. With Rigol’s UltraVision technology, the DS2000 digital oscilloscopes can be extended with deeper memory up to 56 Mpts. UltraVision combines this memory depth and real-time waveform recording and analysis with an 8-inch WVGA display, capable of 256 levels of intensity grading to visualize complex signals. It also makes available additional options for advanced triggering modes and serial decoding.

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RFID-Enabled RTLS Solution

Ekahau, Reston, Va, in conjunction with Nordic ID, has developed a solution for adding location information to passive RFID and bar code labels. The Ekahau-Nordic ID solution can track low-cost assets like surgical implements, drug supplies, and other inventory. Ekahau’s real-time locating system (RTLS) technology enables users to track any assets in real time throughout a hospital campus using active Wi-Fi tags.

Working with Nordic ID, Ekahau’s RTLS has the capability of tracking passive RFID and bar code labels, as well as managing, storing, and viewing assets and their respective location history in the same database. The combined Ekahau-Nordic ID solution consists of Ekahau RTLS software and Nordic ID handheld RFID and bar code scanners. The scanner’s location is determined via RTLS and then associated with RFID/bar code information on the asset scanned. Users can view and manage the location and asset information with the Ekahau Vision business logic and analytics software, which lets users see asset locations on a real-time map, generate asset reports and audit trails, and alert users if any items are low or in the wrong location.

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4D Transducer Repair Capabilities

Waukesha, Wis-based MedPro Imaging’s advanced probe repair division has added 4D transducer repair capabilities, featuring proprietary computer-based technology and processes for fast, consistent repairs. MedPro will perform 4D probe repair services at its dedicated ultrasound transducer repair facility in Longmont, Colo. In addition, the company has achieved certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), meeting the requirements of the ISO 13485:2003 standard. ISO certification positions MedPro to provide probe repair services to all customer categories, including multivendor service providers and independent service organizations, as well as hospitals and imaging centers.

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