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Optimizing RTLS Battery Life

Battery choice can have a major impact on a hospital’s workflow, particularly when it comes to real-time location system (RTLS) technologies. Unexpected loss of battery power can occupy staff time and cause gaps in care, while long-lasting batteries can help hospitals reduce costs. Ultimately, however, hospitals should not be choosing between devices that use alkaline or lithium batteries, but between technologies that do not take battery life into account and those that do.

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Why Smart Facilities Have a Backup-Backup Power Plan

In places like Oklahoma where weather can change suddenly, hospitals have to be prepared for everything from tornadoes to lightning. Sometimes, even an emergency generator isn’t enough. A backup-backup power system can buy crucial seconds when a patient’s life is at risk, writes Eric Aimerson in this month’s Soapbox.

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Battery-powered Safety Analyzer Enables On-the-Go Leakage Testing

The Rigel 288 Plus safety analyzer from Rigel Medical, Tampa, Fla, operates on AA batteries and can be used to complete testing for insulation, earth/ground bond, and touch or point-to-point leakage current. Its small footprint also makes it easier for field engineers to transport from from site to site.

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Regulatory Concerns for Replacement Battery Suppliers

An April 24, 2015 FDA Warning Letter to a replacement battery supplier has raised questions about replacement manufacturer responsibilities and possibly battery quality. The manufacturer that received the letter specifically labels its batteries for medical device use.

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Accutronics White Paper Tackles Issues in Medical Battery Technology

The latest white paper from Accutronics addresses issues facing battery design, development, and use in the medical and healthcare field. The document, available for free download, is intended to help OEMs better understand the possibilities and limitations of rechargeable battery technology in designing products for the medical sector.

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Reader Feedback: More About Batteries

Even the average consumer knows that batteries are a big deal. On the 24×7 website, a number of readers questioned whether the advice offered by some experts in last month’s article on battery management might go too far.

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