Dallas-based Interstate Batteries has introduced Pure Gel Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries for the medical mobility industry. Delivering quality performance, Interstate’s Pure Gel mobility batteries will power scooters and wheelchairs with deep cycle batteries, company officials say.

In addition to gel batteries, Interstate also offers the Interstate Advantage, whichprovides the mobility industry with an end-to-end battery program that includes local delivery, recycling services and expedited shipping.

“With such limited options for Pure Gel batteries in the market, we felt our customers deserved another high-quality option with the service and performance they expect from Interstate,” says Joe Padilla, head of business development for Interstate Batteries. “Our gel SLA batteries not only provide twice the cycle life compared to standard [absorbent glass mat batteries], but also offer fast and local delivery, recycling services and fewer replacements to make your battery needs easy to maintain.”

Interstate’s Pure Gel SLA Batteries provide the following benefits: 

  • Twice the cycle life of standard battery
  • High current on demand for long service life
  • Ideal for deep cyclic discharge use
  • Advanced performance at higher temperatures