Sonitor RTLS Technologies will showcase its new Quad-LT location transmitter series at the upcoming HIMSS conference, to be held April 12–16, 2015, in Chicago. The next-generation wireless real-time location system (RTLS) technology is designed to offer more zone coverage with less hardware.

According to the company’s announcement, a single RTLS transmitter can divide a room into four separate zones, increasing installation and maintenance efficiency and lowering cost. Similar systems may require up to four or five times the amount of hardware to produce the same number of zones. Customers can use multiple transmitters to create customized virtual rooms of any shape and size in large open areas, such as the emergency department. The ultrasound-based RTLS infrastructure has also been engineered to run on four alkaline D-cell batteries, eliminating the need for lithium-ion batteries and reducing environmental impact and costs.

“Our RTLS technology innovation is focused on solutions which provide more performance with less infrastructure and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership,” said Anne Bugge, president and CEO of Sonitor Technologies, Inc. “HIMSS provides an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate the latest features of our leading RTLS product line to the industry’s largest gathering of healthcare IT professionals.”

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