“See beyond” is more than a slogan for Innovatus Imaging. It’s a promise. And it’s the guiding vision for three companies that came together as one to provide best-in-class imaging devices and repair services. “It’s a call to action, a bold charge to look beyond the here and now—both in how we deliver the repair services that our customers have come to know and trust, and in how we develop and commercialize new devices,” said Bill Kollitz, president and chief operating officer.

“At Innovatus Imaging, we have the people, the expertise, and the drive to deliver on this promise.” Formed in September 2017, Innovatus is the result of three former companies—Bayer MVS, Wetsco Inc., and MD MedTech—joining forces to leverage their combined expertise.

Innovatus launched the new face of its global brand at the start of 2018. At the same time, the company underscored its renewed focus: to push past conventional boundaries in the medical imaging device industry, and to empower health care professionals to take patient care to the next level. Innovatus Imaging is ISO 13485-certified to repair ultrasound probes, MRI coils, CR systems, and dry film printers.

Its certified expertise spans the entire life cycle of medical imaging products—from design, development and manufacturing to sales, distribution and repair. Driving Innovation The company understands the thinking and processes used in manufacturing and incorporates them into everything they do, including service and repair. Innovatus’ culture of continuous improvement includes investment in research and development to constantly enhance the organization’s capabilities.

“Health care professionals across the spectrum trust us to drive innovation and provide them with the right solutions so they can remain focused on their priority: their patients,” said Dennis Wulf, chief executive officer.

Design & Manufacturing

With an ISO 13485-certified, FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of specialty ultrasound probes, Innovatus incorporates years of experience into its designs and backs up its solutions through rigorous testing. Innovatus delivers a complete ultrasound solution for specialty applications, taking ideas at any stage of development—whether starting from the beginning or semi-developed concepts—through to final production.

Product Repair

Leveraging the knowledge acquired as a specialty ultrasound probe manufacturer, its legacy as an MRI coil manufacturer and more than 20 years of multi-vendor repair experience, Innovatus is uniquely qualified to deliver trusted and verifiable repair solutions. That means highly trained technicians can apply unmatched levels of expertise to repair and return products in a timely and efficient manner, and its range of repair capabilities is ever expanding through consistent research and development.

Field Service

The company provides customized field service offerings to help customers extend the life of their CR systems and dry film printers, including full coverage, preventive maintenance, emergency response, and reliable technical support.


Innovatus Imaging has tapped into its collective knowledge and deep experience to develop a suite of offerings that span from conception, to development, to manufacturing. The company offers the MVi-DR Digital Radiography retrofit solution to enable customers to improve workflow with clear, crisp, reliable images delivered faster than before.

The MVi-DR solution is designed to seamlessly integrate and convert conventional x-ray rooms or portable units into digital radiography systems. Powered by MVi-DR software, this offering provides the means to optimize radiology units through efficiency, simplicity and versatility. Innovatus also offers Transducer Array Modules, AvoTrack with Vertical Needle Technology, Robotic Probes, Neuro Probes, Surgical Small Parts Probes, and Laparoscopic Probes.

Business Growth

Innovatus Imaging recently completed the acquisition of the European Bayer Multi Vendor Service (MVS) business, which is now Innovatus Imaging Europe B.V. “The acquisition of the European Bayer MVS business and its team’s extensive expertise is the next step in our long-term strategic goal of continued growth,” Wulf said.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus Imaging maintains operations in Tulsa, Okla.; Denver; and the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.innovatusimaging.com.