GE Healthcare's LOGIQ E9

GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ E9 ultrasound system.

GE Healthcare has upgraded two of its ultrasound systems in an effort to improve upon the comfort and convenience of patients undergoing medical imaging. In making these improvements, which are based on recommendations from clinicians, GE Healthcare’s goal was reportedly to help alleviate any patient pain or discomfort associated with long wait times, disorganized data, and slow results. According to the company, its LOGIQ E9, and LOGIQ S7 have new transducers, improved image quality, and automated tools for enhanced exam productivity, speed, and efficiency.

According to the GE website, these ultrasound systems are suitable for a broad spectrum of patient body types. Some of the system features listed include the capability to visualize blood flow without the limitations of Doppler, integrate real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MRI, PET or ultrasound images, and visually track your position during a scan.

GE Healthcare's LOGIQ S7 ultrasound system

GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ S7 ultrasound system.

“We asked clinicians who use these technologies every day to tell us what they need, and we designed upgrades that are cost-effective and that give them more time, productivity and clinical confidence,” said Brian McEathron, general manager of General Imaging Ultrasound for GE Healthcare. “These upgrades put GE’s latest imaging technology in their hands without requiring a system replacement.”

For more information about the LOGIQ E9 and LOGIQ S7 and other ultrasound systems, visit the GE Healthcare website.