In advance of the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Carestream Health has unveiled enhancements to its DRX-Excel Plus platform, with upgrades to the system’s console, detector, and mainframe that augment workflow and radiographer experience. 

Designed specifically for large and mid-size hospitals and medical centers, the Carestream DRX-Excel Plus System combines radiography and fluoroscopy (R/F) into one unit. It delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images, and a wide range of exams. 

Moreover, its new Adam console fully integrates the system with long-length imaging auto-stitching capability, allowing for multiple images to be stitched into one image for easier reading of spine and lower-limb exams. The console provides a redesigned graphic user interface with ergonomic features.

“This console completely reimagines the workspace. All activities are done through the console,” says Marco Riolfo, global marketing manager, digital radiography rooms, at Carestream. “A radiographer can configure the room parameters with ease and navigate intuitively while achieving excellent image quality and optimized dose—hallmarks of Carestream imaging systems.”

The DRX-Excel Plus System also has a new digital flat panel-detector with a smaller pixel pitch that results in higher-resolution and detailed images. On the mainframe, a camera integrated in the collimator allows a radiographer to position the device from the console while monitoring the patient through an onboard camera. 

Another enhancement to the DRX-Excel Plus helps radiographers capture the best exam possible, reducing the potential for retakes and additional radiation dose to the patient. Based on the last exposure, a “get-the-position” feature moves the table automatically to the appropriate region of interest before the next exposure begins. Similarly, a “go-to-position” feature moves the table from the console with one click. Another console feature assists with the positioning of the collimator and the tube.

“These features not only help radiographers, but also focus on patient safety and comfort,” Riolfo says. “For example, the table supports heavier patients and lowers to ease access from wheelchairs. The patient doesn’t have to be repositioned for a full exam. Even taller patients can be positioned comfortably.”

The DRX-Excel Plus is available in the Americas.