As many 24×7 readers may know, the NFL held a February 17–23 event titled the “NFL Scouting Combine,” which is aimed to assess prospects and draft new football players to the League, including offensive and defensive linemen, tight ends, quarterbacks, running backs, linebackers, and wide receivers, among others. The NFL Scouting Combine, which has been covered by the NFL Network,, and NFL Mobile, uses the imaging technology of the Carestream DRX-1 system to quickly produce high-quality diagnostic digital x-ray images onsite at the event to aid in screening player prospects.

According to Carestream, the DRX-1 is a wireless DR detector that offers quick, easy, and affordable mobile digital radiography. During the NFL Scouting Combine, it has been estimated that more than 300 athletes underwent complete physical exams as part of their evaluation by NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts who are preparing to draft new players.

“We are working closely with leading radiologists, physicians and athletic trainers that specialize in orthopedics and sports medicine to develop new diagnostic imaging products that will offer valuable features and benefits to patients and care providers,” said Diana L. Nole, president, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. “Our goal is to continuously expand our portfolio of diagnostic imaging systems, and we will add new offerings designed to significantly improve care for athletes and active people in our communities.”

Carestream reports that its digital radiology products are used by multiple NFL teams and other sports organizations worldwide to diagnose player injuries. For more information about the DRX-1 system visit the Carestream website.