Recent reports indicate that in Cleveland, Ohio, stroke patients are benefitting from a mobile stroke unit with a CT scanner and medical personnel aboard. The unit is said to reduce the overall time before treatment is administered, which is of particular importance for stroke patients. According to several studies published on the JAMA network, administering tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) to stroke victims within the first 60 minutes of a stroke is crucial to saving their lives, preserving their brain function, and reducing risk of disability.

For patients receiving care from Cleveland’s mobile stroke unit, tPA was given within 30 minutes. Patients also underwent CT scans within 13 minutes of the mobile stroke treatment unit’s arrival.

According to a special page on the NeuroLogica website featuring a LinkedIn video that shows the mobile stroke unit in action, the Cleveland mobile unit features a CereTom mobile CT scanner manufactured by the company, considered to be a “Top 10 Medical Innovation for 2015.” The CereTom is an eight-slice, small-bore portable CT scanner that delivers high-quality non-contrast angiography, and contrast perfusion scans in a variety of patient environments and locations.

For more information about the CereTom mobile CT scanner, visit the NeuroLogica website.