Canon USA Inc recently installed 178 digital radiography systems integrated with Canon brand CXDI-50G and CXDI-55G Digital Radiography Systems in various hospitals throughout Mexico.

The portable Canon CXDI-50G Digital Radiography System provides high-quality, filmless image capture for a broad range of radiographic applications, including trauma, ICU, and bedside exams. The system includes Canon’s proprietary Canon LANMIT (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT) detector technology, and can be retrofitted onto most new or existing x-ray equipment.

The Canon CXDI-55G Digital Radiography System offers an effective imaging area of 14 x 17 inches and accommodates a variety of studies including wheelchair chest, decubitus views, and weight-bearing, among others. The system can be utilized in numerous settings including trauma centers, ICUs, pediatrics, and orthopedics.