Tailored Customer Service Plans

Welch Allyn, Skaneateles Falls, NY, now offers Partners in Care, a comprehensive customer service plan designed to assist clients with installation, integration, training, and ongoing management of all Welch Allyn systems. Based on the three main tenets of support, education, and professional services, the program allows customers to choose from various support service options to aid in maintenance, and provides one-on-one product counseling, as well as access to discounts, service tools, and the support center. The company can tailor each program to fit the specific product in any environment.

Through the program’s educational component, techs can receive training materials and take classes designed by experienced specialists.

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kVp and mA Meter

Electronic Control Concepts, Saugerties, NY, offers its compact 820 kVp/mAs multifunction meter, designed for an assortment of x-ray machines, including medical, dental, and podiatry. The meter includes the same kVp measurement capability as the company’s model 815 meter, but with added functionality for measuring and storing mA, mAs, and exposure time. mA is sampled for a representative length of time and saved, permitting shorter exposure times.

The self-resetting unit automatically detects AC or DC x-ray currents to help minimize the possibility of inaccurate readings. Applications include verification of peak x-ray voltage, constancy checks, x-ray calibration, and quality assurance measurement of exposure time. The unit is also used for half value layer determination, troubleshooting, x-ray repair, and quality control.

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