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Managing Device Modifications in the Field

In a perfect world, medical devices would never need to be modified for recalls, corrective actions, or upgrades. But in the quest for device perfection, it is important to recognize that even with the best design and foresight applied to a product’s use, something can go wrong with a piece of equipment, requiring some type […]

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The Essential Health Care IT Glossary

The following terms are intended to help increase our community’s vocabulary in this era of converging medical devices and information technologies. In particular, the terms below are ones that most health care IT leaders use to describe and manage their budgets and resources, and/or identify the major organizations that are presently influencing our combined industry. […]

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The Respiratory System

The movement of gases into and out of the lungs is the key to life. A simple and complex process, respiration involves both conscious and automatic efforts. The brain sends impulses down the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm, causing it to contract, which starts normal respiration. We can consciously take a deep breath, exhale deeply, […]

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The Joint Commission On-site Survey

In the EC session the clinical engineering representative discusses the performance of the medical equipment program and answers questions from the surveyor. The unannounced full survey is another key component of The Joint Commission accreditation process. “Unannounced” means the hospital does not receive an advance notice of its survey date. The Joint Commission started conducting […]

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