Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp. has launched a new hybrid c-arm and portable x-ray system built for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC).

The new FDR Cross features a dual-function c-arm that offers portable fluoroscopy and radiography imaging on a single platform, reducing the need to bring in additional imaging equipment for essential image guided procedures.

“Among our many ‘firsts’ in the diagnostic imaging field, the FDR Cross is our latest innovation in enhanced, portable imaging, designed to speed clinician workflows and improve patient care,” says Rob Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing, medical imaging systems, Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp. “The FDR Cross allows healthcare organizations to maximize equipment utilization by performing fluoroscopic, verification and portable imaging with a single imaging system.”

The FDR Cross features:

  • A pivoting tube head and removable detector design enabling greater freedom of imaging and efficiency compared to conventional configurations of a separate C-arm and mobile X-ray machine.
  • Compatibility with Fujifilm’s latest ultra-lightweight, glass-free FDR D-EVO III detectors allowing configuration in 10×12, 14×17 and 17×17 inch sizes.
  • Imaging area of up to twice the size of standard c-arm solutions when using the 17×17 inch detector.
  • An interchangeable detector holder which allows clinicians to switch between or choose three different detector sizes to match a wide range of surgical exams, procedures and budgets.
  • A maneuverable and ergonomic design that is fully wireless for up to eight hours, and more than 150 pounds lighter than conventional compact c-arms.
  • The ability to offset the x-ray tube from the built-in detector which accommodates wireless x-ray imaging akin to that of a standard portable x-ray, including table-top, cross-table, even wheelchair and standing chest exams.

The FDR Cross will be available for demonstration at The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) 50th Annual Meeting and Exhibition.