Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp., a provider of medical imaging and informatics solutions, is now a Platinum Partner of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), recognized for its leadership in providing products and services tailored for rural communities.

“It is a privilege to be able to partner with NRHA to reduce barriers to access and address healthcare disparities in rural areas,” says Shawn Etheridge, director of marketing, Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporation. “We’re focused on building strong relationships with and directly assisting NRHA’s 21,000 members by providing innovative, relevant imaging solutions, services and support to help hospitals keep care local.”

Rural hospitals and health systems can benefit from Fujifilm’s portfolio of healthcare innovations, spanning MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammography, digital radiography, endoscopy, enterprise imaging, and in-vitro diagnostics solutions.

It’s healthcare portfolio offers rural locations access to:

Advanced Imaging Systems

Having access to the same advanced medical imaging systems as urban healthcare facilities allows patients to receive quality care closer to home and supports medical centers by keeping top tier care capabilities within the community and attracting high caliber talent.  

Two of Fujifilm’s key advanced imaging systems include the Echelon Oval MRI, accommodating patients up to 550 pounds with anxiety-reducing, feet-first imaging; and the Scenaria View CT with an extra-wideaperture, and unique Lateral Shift Table for faster, more comfortable, and dose-reduced positioning.

Low Capital Impact Purchasing Plans

Fujifilm creates custom, low capital impact purchasing plans to support the unique funding challenges rural hospitals and health systems face, making it possible to equip them with state-of-the-art technology, according to the company.

Enhanced Image and Data Access

Fujifilm’s Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio allows providers to seamlessly access extensive imaging and health data from across the enterprise, as well as share that critical information with their care teams, patient, and within and outside of the community.

Personal and On-Demand Post-Sales Resources 

Fujifilm creates specialized post-sales and deployment packages for rural health systems to ensure: 

  • guaranteed 99% uptime calculated quarterly based on a working day
  • remote system monitoring to minimize and prevent downtime
  • applications training immediately after installation and whenever requested

Custom Community Marketing Programs

Rural hospitals can partner with Fujifilm to create custom marketing and educational materials for their communities – highlighting their investment in high-quality medical technologies, reinforcing the importance of routine exams.  

“Our rural members have unique needs and face vastly different obstacles than urban healthcare facilities, including economic factors, cultural and social differences, educational disparities, lack of recognition by legislators and the sheer isolation of living in remote areas,” says Beth O’Connor, president at NRHA. “We’re thrilled to expand upon our partnership with Fujifilm to bring rural-friendly products and services to enhance care delivery in our communities.”  

NRHA members can learn more about Fujifilm’s solutions for rural markets at the upcoming 45th Annual NHRA Conference & Exhibition.

Featured image: NRHA Platinum Partnership Seal. Photo: NRHA