Carestream_CBCT football player 300x295Evaluating more than 300 top college football players for injuries is no small task, so officials from the 2016 National Football League Scouting Combine are using a new Carestream DRX Plus 3543 x-ray system to expedite the process. In addition to x-rays, the athletes will undergo a battery of tests at the Combine, which takes place from February 23-29 in Indianapolis. Multiple NFL teams are currently using Carestream’s advanced digital radiology products to diagnose player injuries, officials say.

Carestream has also designed a new 3D extremity imaging system to help healthcare professionals detect injuries for professional athletes, as well as recreational sports enthusiasts. The Carestream OnSight 3D Extremity system, which is currently in the investigational state, uses cone-beam CT (CBCT) technology to capture weight-bearing and other types of extremity exams.

CBCT systems use less radiation than current full-body CT systems and can capture weight-bearing images of knees, legs, and feet, which provide important diagnostic information to physicians and are not available from traditional CT systems. These systems are intended for use in sports medicine and orthopedic practices, as well as other types of imaging and treatment facilities.

“We are working closely with leading orthopedic specialists, sports medicine physicians, and athletic trainers to develop compact, portable imaging systems based on CBCT technology that are designed for use in treating orthopedic conditions—including traumatic injuries, joint replacements, arthritis and osteoporosis,” says Jianqing Bennett, president of Carestream Digital Medical Solutions.

For more information about these systems, visit the Carestream Health website.