Summary: Cybeats Technologies has renewed a contract with a major medical device manufacturer for its SBOM Studio product, in line with FDA’s new guidelines emphasizing SBOMs for cybersecurity. This renewal supports Cybeats’ 100% client retention rate and underscores SBOM Studio’s critical role in enhancing medical device software security.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FDA’s updated guidelines highlight the crucial role of Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) in improving cybersecurity practices for medical devices.
  • SBOM Studio enables medical device manufacturers (MDMs) to better understand and manage software components, including third-party and open-source elements, ensuring compliance with the latest FDA cybersecurity regulations.

Cybeats Technologies announced a contract renewal for its product, SBOM Studio with a large medical device manufacturer with a $70 billion market cap.

Enhancing Cybersecurity with SBOM

The FDA, which oversees medical device security, released new guidelines that stress the importance of Software Bills of Materials (SBOM), for ensuring medical devices remain safe and effective against cyber threats.

The guidelines emphasize traceability and leveraging SBOMs to provide a deep understanding of software components, which helps MDM spot risks and weaknesses, leading to more precise and effective cybersecurity practices.

SBOM Studio’s Role and Capabilities

SBOM Studio allows MDMs to understand their software more effectively, including in the third-party and open-source components they deploy, and comply with the FDA’s new cybersecurity regulations.

Ongoing Partnership and Client Retention

The contract follows several other engagements with the unnamed MDM, including from late 20233 and February 20244, all of which help sustain Cybeats’ claimed 100% client retention rate.

“The commercial momentum in the medical device space is very encouraging for Cybeats, especially given the foresight of a product that anticipated the widespread need for SBOM management solutions,” said Justin Leger, CEO, Cybeats. “This Fortune 500 client choosing to renew their license with SBOM Studio not only further cements our 100% client retention rate but validates the pivotal role of SBOM Studio in fortifying software supply chains in the medical space.”