Fujifilm Medical Systems announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Synapse 5 PACS technology, which was introduced in late 2015. Current Fujifilm customers will be able to upgrade their PACS to take advantage of Synapse 5’s greater speed in the second half of 2016.

The new technology features a server-side, zero-download viewer with a browser-independent desktop. Unlike older PACS technologies, Synapse 5 can save organizations resources due to less desktop management and lower bandwidth requirements.

“As reimbursement continues to move from volume-driven to value-based, radiologists need to boost their efficiency, their productivity and their accuracy,” says Fujifilm’s chief operating officer Johann Fernando, PhD. The challenge, he says, is to be a speed-reader who doesn’t miss a single abnormality despite a high volume of studies.

Bill Lacy, Fuijfilm’s division vice president of informatics marketing and enterprise sales, concurs, remarking that Synapse 5 may become a “disruptive technology” in the PACS market. “Synapse 5 will provide our customers with solutions to work remotely and across multiple locations and will satisfy the performance demands,” he says.

For more information about Synapse 5, visit Fujifilm Medical Systems.