At the AAMI 2015 Expo on June 6, Summit Imaging showed a new smartphone app that it says will speed the process of connecting with Summit’s service team. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, the app is designed to help biomeds use Summit’s repair consulting services more efficiently. Featuring a large “Execute Callback Sequence” button, the tool enables a user to contact Summit Imaging’s customer service team with a single click, streamlining the time technicians would otherwise spend searching online or in their contacts for the company’s contact information.

“What we wanted to do was connect Summit with the clinical engineers that much more quickly,” Summit Imaging CEO Larry Nguyen told 24×7. Instead of “fumbling around on their contacts on their phone,” customers can have the company return their call while they’re packing up their tools or walking out to the car. “It makes the transaction that much easier up front.”

Based in Woodinville, Wash, Summit Imaging provides ultrasound parts and repair support to in-house biomeds and third-party service providers. Using the callback feature, customers can receive a phone call from the company’s service team within approximately 2 minutes. Additional features allow users to call the repair team directly, schedule a call in advance to coincide with a planned repair appointment, or email support. The tool also provides quick links to Summit’s training videos, which are also housed on the company’s website.

For more information, visit the Summit Imaging website.