Siemens Healthineers announces that it has obtained U.S. FDA clearance for the Somatom Pro.Pulse, a dual-source CT scanner intended for use in various healthcare facilities, including outpatient diagnostic centers. The scanner combines the power and speed of dual-source CT technology—two X-ray tubes and two detectors—with embedded artificial intelligence and user assistance features to deliver workflow efficiencies.

Dual-source CT allows for high temporal resolution, which, along with scan speed, is important for cardiac CT scans to limit artifacts caused by breathing or cardiac motion. In recent years, interest in CT’s cardiovascular applications has increased in the U.S. This interest may be attributed in part to a 2021 decision by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association to give cardiac CT angiography its highest recommendation as a frontline test to evaluate patients with stable and acute chest pain who have no history of coronary artery disease. 

The myExam Companion, an AI-driven interface, customizes scan protocols for patients by incorporating their data (like gender, height, and age) and gathering relevant scan details, such as heart rate and breath-holding capabilities. Additionally, the optional FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) 3D camera ensures accurate and consistent patient positioning.

Moreover, the Somatom Pro.Pulse has an air-cooled gantry, requires 31% less space for installation than the company’s previous dual-source systems, and consumes 20% less power than traditional water-cooled dual-source CT scanners. These features reduce the scanner’s installation and operational costs compared to similar scanners in the company’s portfolio.