Cianna Medical Inc received FDA clearance for marketing in December 2014 for its Strut-Adjusted Volume Implant (SAVI) Scout surgical guidance system, which aims to improve tumor localization and procedures for breast cancer patients. According to the company, the SAVI Scout is designed to provide real-time audible and visual indicators to surgeons during lumpectomy and excisional biopsy procedures, and help clinicians target tissue with greater precision.

Using nonradioactive, electromagnetic wave technology, the surgical guidance system is said to detect a reflector placed in the target tissue up to 7 days prior to surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon guides the handpiece to locate the reflector and plan the incision. After the procedure, the surgeon removes the reflector and the target tissue.

“We believe that SAVI Scout provides two major advantages,” said Pat Whitworth, MD, director, Nashville Breast Center, Nashville, Tenn. “First, the reflector can be comfortably placed several days prior to surgery, on the day of surgery by a radiologist, or in the operating room by a surgeon.  Second, the SAVI Scout handpiece can be used with retractors so, as the dissection proceeds, we receive immediate, real-time guidance for the lumpectomy.”

Whitworth said the medical team at Nashville Breast Center is finding that SAVI Scout eliminates the need to stop for intraoperative ultrasound; they can now use imaging only before and after the resection. Whitworth expects it’s going to be a welcome advance for surgeons and patients.

According to Cianna Medical’s website, the SAVI Scout has the potential to reduce surgical delays, improve patient satisfaction, and optimize surgical planning. A pilot study found the SAVI Scout resulted in 100% surgical success, Cianna Medical reported, including successful removal of both the target tissue and the reflector. The study included 24 patients, none of whom experienced reflector migration or adverse events.

For more information about the SAVI Scout surgical guidance system, visit the Cianna Medical website.