Designed specifically to meet the requirements for the MRI environment, the Draeger Fabius MRI anesthesia machine has received FDA clearance.  

The Fabius MRI from Draeger Medical Inc is designed for use with 1.5T and 3.0T MRI systems. An integrated Teslameter provides an acoustic alarm if the machine is positioned within a field strength greater than 40mTesla (400 Gauss).

The Fabius MRI creates a uniform and consistent interface for the anesthesia provider. Additional optical alarm displays (LEDs) at the top of the system provide a visual indication for all alarm conditions for the safety of the patient in this specialized environment, even if the anesthesia provider is outside the room or some distance away from the device. The high-speed piston ventilator provides controlled compliance compensation, even with longer ventilation tubes, providing for even the smallest infant.