Dickson, Addison, Ill, introduces the Dickson alarm thermometer, featuring tamper-resistant audible and visual alarms to assist with safeguarding temperatures in both refrigerators and freezers.

The company offers a single probe model (MM120) as well as a two-probe model (MM125) that can monitor both refrigerators and freezers simultaneously. Both are continuous, calibrated and certified, and able to monitor temperatures in the ˆ58 to +158°F (-50 to +70°C) range.  
Additional features include:

  • Visual display of alarm that remains even if temperatures are no longer out of range, alerts supervisors to the need for remedial action.
  • Tamper-resistant alarm controls located on back of unit.
  • Propylene glycol bottles for stable temperature readings.
  • Automatic scrolling display of refrigerator and freezer conditions every five seconds.