More than 400 Proximity WorkStations, designed and built by Proximity Systems, have been installed in Independence, Missouri’s Centerpoint Medical Center.
The workstations, units which hold IT equipment, medical supplies, and facilitate patient care, and have been deployed in all patient rooms at Centerpoint as well as the emergency department, human resources department, lounges, and public areas.
Proximity WorkStations are credited with improving efficiency, through saving time and reducing the distances nurses walk, improving record accuracy, maintaining face-to-face communication, and assisting with patient education.
The CWT 28 MED SVL, one of two models selected by Centerpoint, opens and swivels allowing face-to-face interaction with the patient when the nurse is reviewing records or charting care and medication. Physicians, who use records and PACS in their interactions with patients, can position the computer screen, allowing the patient to view the information comfortably during in-room conferences.