Waukesha, Wis.-based GE Healthcare announces the launch of Edison True PACS, a diagnostic imaging and workflow solution designed to help enable radiologists—who are experiencing high rates of staff burnout and retirements—to be more efficient and precise, while keeping capital and IT resources under control. Currently, it is available in the U.S., with rollout expected in some other regions starting in 2022.

“Radiologists are desperate for the latest tools to most effectively do their jobs. But organizations often lack the financial and IT resources required to access and implement them,” says Girish Muralidharan, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Imaging Solutions, GE Healthcare. “With the launch of Edison True PACS, we have taken the first steps to provide cloud-based enterprise imaging solutions that can help transform patient care through accessible, sharable, and secure imaging data while simultaneously improving clinical and operational efficiencies.”

Edison True PACS arrives at a time when healthcare organizations struggle to keep their enterprise and departmental solutions current as well as secure, while at the same time remotely accessible. Too often, PACS systems require constant monitoring and patching for security vulnerabilities, as well as OS and application updates; these needs also require periodic and capital-draining hardware upgrades. Further, with AI enabling new productivity and accuracy tools, many organizations lack the IT resources to adopt these changes promptly.

Enter Edison True PACS, which provides AI-enabled decision-making tools that helps enhance reading speed, reduce errors, improve diagnostic precision, and enable more confident diagnoses. Plus, as a cloud- hosted or subscription solution, IT budgets and resources aren’t depleted or strained. These features make Edison True PACS beneficial for small imaging centers and community hospitals, removing barriers radiologists and their organizations face in acquiring advanced diagnostic radiology solutions.

Moreover, through a web-based diagnostic viewer and a zero-footprint clinical viewer, radiologists will benefit from the ability to do remote reading anytime, anywhere,to assist their referring clinicians to ultimately deliver more personalized care. In addition, GE Healthcare’s new imaging technology is deployed on AWS Cloud, designed to provide users data security and protection.

“From our perspective, Edison True PACS will save a tremendous amount of money on our data storage, as not having to host PACS on-site is going to be a significant reduction on that spend,” notes Richard Duemmling, chief of business operations at Neuro Imaging Winter Park. “Not having to store back-ups and duplicates on-site benefits us by taking workload off of our production team.”