f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services
ARAMARK Healthcare Management Services (Philadelphia) now offers its full-color catalog highlighting the company’s Division of Clinical Technology Services. Listed as the nation’s leading health care service provider in medical equipment, ARAMARK was ranked in the top-three most-admired companies to work for by Fortune magazine in 2004, and has been consistently ranked in the top 50 since 1998. For more information, call (877) 454-4585, or visit www.aramark.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Boehringer Laboratories Inc
The new catalog from Boehringer Laboratories Inc (Norristown, Pa) provides full-color images and detailed specifications of the company’s current line of medical devices. The 3700 Series suction regulators are prominently featured as the company’s flagship line. Boehringer also offers a 10-year warranty for all of its products. For more information, call (800) 642-4945, or visit www.boehringerlabs.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Clinical Dynamics
Clinical Dynamics (Wallingford, Conn) now offers its free medical alarms management guide to help biomedical engineers meet the JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals. The guide, Managing Medical Alarms: A Practical Approach to Meeting the JCAHO National Patient Safety Goal, is the result of a collaboration between Clinical Dynamics and Ode Keil Consulting Group. For more information, call (800) 247-6427, or visit www.clinicaldynamics.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)BC Group International
BC Group International Inc (St Louis) now offers its 2004 biomedical catalog, featuring new lines of the company’s test products. The catalog highlights items such as the Wiltek 9101 Spectrum analyzer, Pronk’s SimCube, Servomex oxygen analyzers, and the Bacharach Tru-Pointe leak detector. For more information, call (888) 223-6763, or visit www.bcgroupintl.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)CAS Medical Systems Inc
CAS Medical Systems Inc (Branford, Conn) designs, manufactures, and markets apnea monitors, NIBP measurement devices, and disposable supplies for the neonatal intensive care area. CAS offers a full-color brochure highlighting its line of products that satisfy a variety of apnea monitor needs. For home use, the Ami Plus is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. In the hospital, the 511 monitor offers durable heart and respiration monitoring along with the option of advanced oximetry technology in one unit. For more information, call (800) 642-4945, or visit www.casmed.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)CIRS
CIRS (Norfolk, Va), a manufacture of tissue equivalent medical imaging and radiation therapy phantoms, now offers an informative CD containing the company’s complete product catalog in Adobe PDF format. Contents on the CD are printable and indexed for ease of use. Each product is described in detail with specifications and sample images. The CD also contains a multimedia presentation entitled “A Strategy for Ultrasound Assurance.” The CD catalog is an educational tool designed to stimulate interest in ultrasound quality assurance. For more information, call (800) 617-1177, or visit www.cirsinc.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Conquest Imaging
The detailed information packet offered by Conquest Imaging (Stockton, Calif) provides insight on the company’s broad range of ultrasound products, from complete systems, parts, and transducers to peripherals and accessories. The company provides ultrasound departments with full service, pre-owned systems, parts, repairs, and technical training. Conquest specializes in providing a hig-quality, cost-effective alternative to dealing with original equipment manufacturers. For more information, call (866) 900-9404, or visit www.conquestimaging.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Dale Technology
Dale Technology (Carson City, NV) offers a full-color 30-page catalog that features its entire line of biomedical test equipment and medical-grade isolation transformers. Inside, photos of each product accompany detailed descriptions, specifications, comparison charts, and diagrams for each device. For more information, call (800) 544-3253, or visit www.daletech.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)High Technologies Inc
High Technologies Inc (HTI) (Walpole, Mass) offers a full-color brochure describing the company’s new line of products and services. HTI is a single-source, multi-vendor provider of laboratory and ultrasound equipment. The company offers both new and reconditioned systems from all major manufacturers. All systems are reconditioned to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Probes, parts, consumables, and reagents are available for all systems supported by HTI. For more information, call (508) 660-2221, or visit www.htmed.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Curbell Inc
Curbell Inc (Orchard Park, NY) offers the new full-color Patient Monitoring Products catalog that includes ECG cables and lead wires, Sp02 probes and adapter cables, and NIBP cuffs, hoses, and adapters. New products featured in the catalog include the Multi-Clip™ electrode connector, the reusable Soft Tip Sp02 probe, and the latex-free line of Ultracheck™ blood-pressure cuffs. The catalog includes extensive cross-reference charts for all major brands of equipment so users can easily locate parts. For more information, call (800) 235-7500, or visit www.curbellelectronics.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Fluke Biomedical
Fluke Biomedical (Carson City, NV) offers a full-color, 38-page catalog of its entire biomedical test equipment product line, which includes a variety of simulators (multiparameter patient, Sp02, noninvasive blood pressure), performance analyzers (ventilator, incubator, IV pump, defibrillator, pacer, electrosurgery, ultrasound), and electrical safety analyzers. All products are described in full detail with photos, diagrams, product-family comparison charts, software screen shots, features, accessories, and specifications. For more information, call (800) 648-7952, or visit www.flukebiomedical.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Main Line International Inc
Main Line International Inc (MLI) (Bogart, Ga) offers a full-color brochure outlining its products and services. As a reseller of high-end, pre-owned ultrasound units and probes, MLI provides products guaranteed to OEM specifications at a fraction of the manufacturers’ cost. MLI’s brochure profiles a partial list of probes and parts as well as support services offered for systems such as the ATL 5000, HP5500, and Acuson Sequoia. For more information, call (800) 397-9020, or visit www.MLImedical.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Medrad Multi Vendor Service
Medrad Multi Vendor Service (MVS) (Pittsburgh) offers a full-color brochure introducing the company’s Multi Vendor Service Division. The service offers repairs and exchanges for ultrasound transducers and MRI coils. Medrad MVS has the capability to repair virtually any manufacturer’s ultrasound probes and MRI coils. The company also maintains a large inventory of loaners to help maintain uptime during the evaluation and repair process. For more information, call (800) 633-3723, or visit www.medrad.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Michigan Instruments Inc
Michigan Instruments Inc (Grand Rapids, Mich) offers a pamphlet explaining the benefits of the PneuView® testing and training lung systems, commonly used for ventilator performance testing. Windows-based PneuView software provides the necessary tools for customizing specific testing, training, and documentation needs. System applications are clearly described with informative text and software images. For more information, call (800) 530-9939, or visit www.michiganinstruments.com.  

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Prescott’s Inc
The informative brochure from Prescott’s Inc (Monument, Colo) provides detailed information of the company’s line of surgical and laboratory microscopes. The literature also provides information regarding preventive maintenance in the field, in-house bench repairs, and a wide inventory of replacement parts for all major surgical microscopes. For more information, call (800) 438-3937, or visit www.surgicalmicroscopes.com

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Metron
For more than 18 years, Metron (Grand Rapids, Mich) has been making innovative biomedical test equipment. The company offers a full-color catalog profiling its complete range of tests and simulators. This year, Metron has added several new products: rad, an ultrasound wattmeter; thorns, the next generation in electrosurgical testing; and the APS-480, an advanced patient simulator. For more information, call (888) 863-8766 or visit www.metron-biomed.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Nexent Corp
Nexent Corp offers a number of full-color brochures pertaining to the company’s Miracle Service and Miracle Service Accent service management software applications. The brochures illustrate the various sales, inventory, service contract, accounting, and reporting features and functions offered by the company. Each brochure provides an overview of the Nexent’s standard and optional modules, and colorful images are used to demonstrate the look and feel of the applications. For more information, call (866) 639-3689, or visit www.nextair.com

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Pronk Technologies
Technical specifications and product descriptions for Pronk Technologies’ (South Pasadena, Calif) SimCube NIBP simulator are available online at www.pronktech.com/products.htm. The company also has published a technical paper, Optimizing Simulation Results with your SimCube Oscillometric NIBP Simulator, which discusses the AAMI standard for NIBP monitoring and how to interpret readings from NIBP devices. The technical paper is recommended for professionals using the SimCube or any other NIBP device. For more information, call (800) 541-9802, or visit www.pronktech.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Quest International Inc
Quest International Inc (Irvine, Calif) offers an informational sheet outlining its products and services to the medical imaging industry. Quest sells, repairs, and offers loaners and exchanges for a variety of medical imaging peripherals. On this sheet, Quest lists its repair services, the manufacturers for which Quest is an authorized service center, and additional manufacturers affiliated with the company. Quest sells and repairs display monitors, LCDs, VCRs/VTRs, printers, CRTs, and workstations. The ISO 9001-registered company supports the medical imaging and peripheral needs for those working in MRI, CT, ultrasound, x-ray, cath lab, R&F rooms, PACS, and teleradiology. For more information, call (800) 231- 6777 or visit www.questinc.com.  

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Sonora Medical Systems
Sonora Medical Systems (Longmont, Colo) recently launched its e-commerce Web site, www.4sonora.com, the industry’s first and only site dedicated to quality assurance and cost reduction of ultrasound equipment. The company is an ISO 9000-certified and FDA QSR-registered provider of products and services to the ultrasound and MRI markets. Sonora provides proprietary capital equipment and components, as well as depot-level repair, spare parts, and field service support to medical imaging OEMs, equipment dealers, ISOs, and health care providers worldwide. For more information, call (800) 476-6672, or visit www.4sonora.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Trimedx
TriMedx (Indianapolis) now offers an introductory packet that provides a comprehensive brochure and topic-specific flyers showcasing the company’s full range of health care equipment management services. In addition to specific clinical engineering services and recruiting information, the packet describes TriMedx’s parts sourcing program, which profiles cost savings and increased efficiencies in the procurement of medical equipment parts. For more information, call (317) 415-5447 or visit www.trimedx.com

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Rieter BioMed
Electronic Services
Rieter BioMed Electronic Services (Spartanburg, SC) offers a full-color brochure and insert describing the services it offers to the biomed industry. Competitive prices, fast turnaround, and extensive warranties are some of the advantages the company offers. Rieter BioMed Electronic Services provides support for fetal monitors, ultrasound equipment, monitors, transducers, AMX4, and AMX4 Plus. Online repair-status tracking is available via the company’s Web site. For more information, call (864) 948-5288, or visit www.rieterbiomed.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Sound Imaging
Sound Imaging (Englewood, NJ) offers an informational brochure featuring I-Software™ Image Management software and Baby Explorer™, a 3-D software interface for 2-D ultrasound systems. The company also is the authorized US distributor for Cedara Software Corp and offers Dicomit® Information Manager™. This system integrates to any ultrasound system providing a DICOM 3.0 output to any network. For more information, call (866) 595-6029, or visit www.soundimaging.com.

f03a.jpg (7482 bytes)Welch Allyn
The Welch Allyn (Skaneateles Falls, NY) Emergency Medicine catalog details the company’s line of products found in the traditional emergency room setting. Organized into three sections—general examination and triage, procedure/trauma room, and product consumables—the catalog’s arrangement and cross-reference pages make it easy to find the products needed to treat patients. Full-color pictures, product descriptions, and part numbers help simplify the ordering process. For more information, call (800) 535-6663 or visit www.welchallyn.com.