Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center (CCOC), a partnership with Summa Health System, Akron, Ohio, purchased a Vue PACS from Carestream, Rochester, NY, and 14 Carestream and Quantum DR systems.

Crystal Clinic physicians perform over 16,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries and conduct more than 60,000 medical imaging exams a year. Crystal Clinic has 12 clinics in the greater Akron area and receive more than 105,000 clinic visits per year.

“We selected Carestream’s Vue PACS because it offers exceptional functionality including surgical templating and 3D imaging,” said Gregg Zolton, CIO, Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center. “Vue PACS also allows us to use our existing digital dictation system and, most importantly, Carestream’s Vue Connect interfaces with several different PACS systems, including a competitive system from our partner. This allows for the exchange of prior patient images.” He added that Carestream’s Vue PACS will deliver native tools to enhance user efficiency and will allow physicians to view images and reports captured at multiple locations.

As part of a joint project involving Captive Radiology, Canton, Ohio, and Centura X-Ray, Cleveland, Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center purchased the following Carestream and Quantum digital imaging systems: three DRX-Evolution Systems, three DRX-1 Systems, two DRX-Ascend Systems, and six Quantum Q-Rad Digital DRX systems. Carestream worked with Centura X-ray on the purchase of digital imaging systems and Captive Radiology handled project management, including preparation of multiple sites, scheduling and installation of these systems.

Carestream’s DRX systems deliver a common user interface across all of CCOC’s outpatient centers. Prior to this purchase, Crystal Clinic physicians had a very limited PACS platform and used a combination of MRI, CR systems, and film.