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Healthcare Professionals Too Confident in Security of Connected Medical Devices

Mountain View, Calif.-based Zingbox has released the findings of its second annual Healthcare Security Survey. The survey revealed a contradiction between the confidence that healthcare professionals have in the visibility of connected medical devices and security of their networks, and the inefficient legacy processes many still rely on to keep them secure.

Asset Tracking

VERICHIP The Assetrac system from VeriChip Corp, Delray Beach, Fla, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) product for tracking and protecting assets within a health care environment. Each asset of interest carries a tiny Assetrac tag that emits a regular signal, which is picked up by a network of receivers installed throughout the covered area. […]

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News Story #4259

Universal SPO2 and Patient Simulator Sencore Inc (Sioux Falls, SD) offers the PS97 universal SPO2 and patient simulator, which combines SPO2 testing and key patient simulations in one portable handheld instrument. The PS97 tests the monitor as

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