Three facilities in Washington—Skyline Hospital in White Salmon, Sound Medical Imaging in Puyallup, and Tri-City Regional Surgery Center in Richland—have installed Novarad radiology software systems.

The Novarad systems include fast installation and turnkey functionality, as well as dictation, scheduling, image capture, mammography tracking, film digitization, hardware maintenance and replacement, continuous software updates and documentation, finger-print sign on, hi-res monitors, CD publishers, and bar code readers, among other features.

NovaPACS, installed in all three facilities, features radiologist viewer, tech workstations, unlimited Web licenses, enterprise archive manager, on-site storage, DICOM 3.0 server/router, and off-site emergency backup.

NovaRIS, which was installed in Skyline Hospital, includes scheduling and reporting modules, billing interface, workflow tracking, document scanning capability, and complete patient data base management.

ClinicPACS orthopedic PACS, which was installed in the Tri-City Regional Surgery Center, offers viewer, integrated orthopedic trauma templates and pre-op planning tools.